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Request for Proposals

  Cabling Project - Roseville
15950 12 Mile Rd
Roseville, MI  48066

We are looking at getting some quotes for cabling of our Roseville office.  Due to smoke damage the building is being renovated and all network cabling is being ripped out and needs to be replaced.  According to the restoration company we should be able to start cabling within the next 2-4 weeks.  Initially the restoration company would like all of the wiring to be run through the metal stud work so that they can start to replace drywall.  Once all of the drywall has been installed and once furniture is in place then the cabling company would need to come back out to install jacks and due a final testing.

We are looking for Cat 6 wiring of about 110 nodes, locations to be determined once furniture layout has been completed.  We will also need 2-3 voice lines installed as well for the fax machines.  A diagram or spreadsheet of jacks and how they are connected to patch panel will need to be provided at the end of the project.  Cable management is a must.

Quotes must be submitted by noon on September 1st to in order to be considered for this project. 

Original Roseville Layout - Only provided for building measurements.

Node Location - This is just a tentative floor plan with the desired amount of drops in each area.  Depending upon how the furniture design comes back the total amount of network jacks could vary either way.

Any questions can be submitted to the email address above and will be answered via email and posted below.  I will answer questions until 5PM on August 31, 2017.

Q & A

Q: Is the ceiling Plenum rated
A: The ceiling is not plenum rated according to the restoration company.

Q: What is the address of the location?
A: 15950 12 Mile Rd, Roseville MI 48066.  I also added it to the top of the page as I initially forgot to include that vital piece of information.